nanoCAD 3D modeling- a powerful CAD software for direct and parametric modeling

nanoCAD’s 3D Solid Modeling module extends the nanoCAD platform with direct and parametric modeling. It is designed to construct 3D assemblies with 3D constraints and xrefs, and to handle sheet metal modeling.

New in 3D Solid Modeling

  • Direct Modeling Corrections
  • 3D History
  • Parametric Modeling Corrections
  • Sheet Solids Corrections
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Key features

Face alignment

nanoCAD’s PressPull tool allows you to align selected model elements. Simply select a face that needs to be aligned and then click on the object to be aligned with.


nanoCad’s PressPull tool is very useful when handling 3d objects with a large number of closed contours. Run the command, hover over a contour and the system captures the object - it highlights its edges and perform the extrude or indent.

Direct modelling

Create conceptual projects of any form and complexity with nanoCAD. Visualize the project; design interactively with 3D models by pulling and pushing.

Parameter Manager

nanoCAD offers modelling of smart objects with geometric and dimensional dependencies and with the ability to edit the product through the Parameter Manager.

Support for various 3D formats

nanoCAD can import and convert the most common 3D formats (C3D, IGS, SAT, STEP, STL, JT, WRL, X_B, X_T) and export too to allow you to exchange information with most CAD systems.


With nanoCAD you can add realistic visualization by applying real materials to the projects, which is of great help when demonstrating your drawings; perform 3D walks and fly around the models.


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