Plateforme nanoCAD - logiciel professionnel de CAO DWG complet

La plateforme nanoCAD est une solution de CAO de qualité professionnelle entièrement compatible avec le format standard DWG utilisé dans  l'industrie.

Nouveautés apportées dans la nouvelle version nanoCAD 24

  • Interface multilingue : française, anglaise, espagnol, allemand, coréen
  • Gestionnaire de couches
  • Barre d'outils des normes CAO
  • Traducteur de calques
  • Mise à jour des barres d'outils fonctionnelles
  • Accrochage centroïde
  • Area
  • Afficher la grille sous forme de points
  • Mise à jour de la commande ETRANSMIT
  • Améliorer l'importation IFC
  • Point Cloud Project Manager
  • Gestion du nuage de points
  • Commandes de masquage et d'affichage des nuages de points
  • Vérification des connexions dans la
    base de données
  • Formes dans les nuages de points
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Key features


Import IFC files and view them in nanoCAD. nanoCAD also offers BCF functionality; open an IFC file that’s created in a different BIM system and simply exchange notes on it.

Point Clouds

nanoCAD imports point clouds into drawings. The Import dialog box allows you to import only the regions of clouds you need. Then create and modify clouds with sections and clips.

Locator View rotation mode

With the Expanded Locator Functionality, you can interactively rotate the view of a model while holding down the Alt key. The mode allows you to rotate around the axis of the viewing direction.

Wide range of Visual Styles

nanoCAD features the abililty to customize visual styles. The editor allows you to create your own style that you can save in the template file. The new visual style "black and white" almost completely imitates a drawing for you in the viewport.

External References

External references (Xref) allow you to use the same file (such as a drawing or block) in multiple projects. This simplifies work and saves time, as changes to the source file are automatically reflected in all projects where it is used.

Named views

This nanoCAD functionality allows to create a named view in one click. Set views with the locator tool, name them and then quickly switch between them.


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