Topoplan - a digital terrain modeling tool

nanoCAD's Topoplan module extends the nanoCAD platform with tools for digital terrain modeling and documentation. It is designed to make the work of surveyors more efficient.

New in Topoplan

  • Adding a Group of Points
  • Combining Surfaces
  • Recalculation of Coordinates
  • Creating Geopoints by Interpolation
  • Mesh Simplification
  • Deleting and Array of Surface Points
  • Adding Structural Lines
  • New Surface Type
  • Surface Difference

  • New Command for Projecting Objects on a Surface

  • Setting Attributes When Imporing Geopoints

  • Copying Column Data

  • Underlay Type Storage
  • Conversion Precision Adjustment

  • Creating Label and Marker Styles of Geopoints
  • User-Defined Properties of Geopoints
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Key features

Advanced surface creation

The Topoplan Module creates surfaces by several methods:

  • Create TINs by points
  • Explode clouds into points
  • Import elevation grids
  • Convert models to 3D faces, submeshes, and polyface meshes

Support for Civil 3D objects

The Topoplan Module now supports the display of objects made in Civil 3D. They are no longer displayed as proxy graphics. The Properties panel edits their properties and the style of displaying them.

Textures applied to meshes and calculations performed

The Topoplan Module applies textures on surfaces:

  • Flat Texture Overlay applies textures to surfaces from point clouds
  • Raster texture mapping applies raster images as textures on surfaces
  • Mesh coloring by height colors surfaces according to their elevation
  • Calculating volumes between models calculates volumes of surfaces - total, difference, and balanced for excavation works
  • Calculating surface volume calculates volumes of surfaces and surface areas
  • Calculating area defines the areas of surface patches

Multiple data sources for creating digital terrain models

The Topoplan Module creates digital terrain models from multiple data sources:

  • Importing points from text files
  • DEM imports
  • Unloading points from previously imported point clouds

Import-Export Options

The Topoplan Module offers these import and export options:

  • Import geopoints imports text files in XYZ and TXT formats
  • Import from LandXML imports surfaces in LandXML format, creating mesh objects
  • Export to LandXML exports surfaces (mesh objects) to the LandXML format for use in other applications
  • Import from GIS imports polylines and point objects from *.SHP and *.MIF files
  • Export to GIS exports polylines and point objects to *.SHP and *.MIF files


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